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A Good God

God is good.

Think about how our lives would be different if we really believed this? Often when tragic things happen like the tornado in Oklahoma or children who die on a school field trip, we are quick to blame God. Or we at least wonder why He didn’t prevent it. I agree that it is hard to grasp everything with these difficulties but it is still true that God is good. He is in a good mood! We can have hope today knowing that we serve a good God. 


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God is bigger than our problems.

When we really take time to dwell on who God is and experience Him, our problems are put in perspective. Our God is the great I AM, He is the Creator of everything. By His breath and His word life was created. And what Jesus paid for on the cross was enough. It was more than enough. Christ’s death on the cross allows us to experience abundant life. But if we fix our eyes on our problems it robs us of the life He wants to give us. I came across this quote from a  conference I attended in March 2012 and I think it is a great reminder.

If you don’t have joy you are either: 1. Carrying a burden that’s not yours. 2. Carrying unforgiveness you need to let go of. 3. You’ve exalted a problem – making it an idol.

I really struggle with number three and that is why I started with today’s quote. I need to constantly be reminded that God is much bigger than any of my problems. Keeping my eyes fixed on the problem robs me of joy and of experiencing the abundant life. And it keeps me from walking in faith of the One who holds the world in His hands. 

Father, help me to trust You and to keep my eyes on you!

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I (finally) had a thought about something I would like to write on that is also doable in this season of life (aka these blog posts will generally be short). Matthew 13:45-46 says,

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

God’s kingdom is perfect in every way and worth doing anything and everything in order to live in His kingdom and to see His Kingdom come to earth. But I believe that it is often the lies we are believing about God and His Kingdom that keep us from fully experiencing it. In this new series I am going to share truths about God and His ways through either a verse or a quote to encourage us to stand on His truth and to be able to recognize the lies of the enemy when they try to come against us.

i am trying to think of some way to use ‘pearl’ as part of the title for these truths such as God’s pearls or ‘A Kingdom Pearl’. We’ll see if I come up with something creative by tomorrow’s first post. I hope you’ll follow me as we uncover these pearls of truth. 🙂

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Do you ever feel scared as a mom? I do. Tonight as I picked little boy back up for the tenth time (at least) and put him back in bed because he was refusing to go to bed, I wondered what is wrong with my child. But mostly I wondered what is wrong with me? I feel so lost in parenting little boy. And it takes so much energy to parent him that I fear losing older son. Not to mention I have little girl who needs me a lot (especially to keep little boy from hurting her). Friends have given wonderful suggestions and I am so thankful for them. Some how I am hoping there is some tool out there, some technique that will be just the thing we need. But what if there isn’t? What if it doesn’t really matter what we do as long as we are consistent?

I finally sat on little boy’s bed so that he wouldn’t get up. He was still kicking and thinking about how he could get away. He sat up and it was as if he realized I wasn’t backing down because he sighed and slumped over putting his head on the bed. This overwhelming feeling of love for my little guy came over me and the thought to rub his back. And so I did. And little boy softened. He eventually laid back down, deciding he didn’t want his pillow though, and I just kept rubbing his back. I began to pray because praying is all I’ve got. Praying that little boy will have a healthy respect for authority and that his fiery little attitude will be used for good. Praying for him to be filled with the fruits of the Spirit and for anything coming against him to be bound and for the blood of Jesus to cover him. I prayed for older son and little girl too.

In the stillness and quietness I thought “what was so important anyway”? Why couldn’t I have just rubbed little boy’s back to begin with? Why was I in such a hurry to have a little me time. It is those moments when I realize there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing than being a wife and mom. Sure the days get long and I do really miss my time but these kids are a huge gift and I don’t want to take it for granted that God has given them to me to parent.

Father, give me your wisdom. I need You to parent these little ones. Help me see them the way You do. Help me call out the person You have created them to be. I need You Lord.

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