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Today I am thankful for grace and freedom from perfection. I am thankful that this is a space to write when I can but not feel bad when I can’t.

Today I am also thankful for letting the Holy Spirit be my alarm clock. I was trying to get up early on my own by setting my alarm but I feel like it would always wake up a kid or two so I was getting discouraged. This week I am praying before I go to bed for God to wake me up. Even though this morning felt a little earlier than I wanted I am still thankful for the time I get alone before kids are waking up. Plus it is always better not waking up to an alarm!


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Day 4

Today I am thankful for fresh starts and essential oils. I had been making some choices based more out of the fear of man rather than out of what I really wanted to do. Today I did some of those things. I may find myself in the same position again down the road but I hoping today is a fresh start of making this change for the good. I don’t want to do or not do things because I am afraid of how someone will react. I mean, c’mon, do I really have that kind of power and do I want to have that kind of power? No, I can only control me.

I have been familiar with essential oils for a while and I really enjoy them. Their cost keeps me from getting very many but my friend recently gifted me with one. I put some in my little diffuser necklace and wore it all day. When I took it off at night I found myself longing for the smell. I know these things start to sound a little weird but I do think the oils can help support our bodies just like vitamins and supplements can. Anyway, I appreciated having it on all day!

Day 5

Today I am thankful for leftovers. Since we don’t tend to eat a whole lot of convenience or packaged foods that are quick, making three meals a day starts to wear on me after a while. I was thankful that we had enough random little things leftover to make up our lunch today. Yay leftovers!

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Give Thanks: Day 3

Today I am thankful for family days. One of the reasons we decided to homeschool this year was so that we could have our family day during the week. Mondays are usually our day. Today we visited a new regional park nearby. I love this place! It is so nice to get outdoors away from the noise of the cities and to be surrounded only by nature. I love my kids’ excitement for what they are seeing around them (like the geocaching box that Older Boy exclaimed, “I know. It’s a mailbox!” Which may have made sense if it wasn’t in the middle of the woods.). I am thankful for these days and feel so blessed to have them together as a family.

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For the past few years I have taken the month of November to write something I am thankful for each day. I have decided I’ll try to do it again this year.

Day 1

Today I am thankful for coffee and more specifically morning coffee with my dad and any other family members present. This past weekend (which is Thursday-Saturday for us) we were able to visit my parents in South Dakota. The first morning we were there my dad mistaken a text* for the alarm** that my mom had set for him because he had men’s breakfast that morning. I was already awake because I couldn’t sleep so I heard him get up and make coffee at 4:30am. I tried really hard to go back to sleep but just decided to give up and go upstairs. In the quiet of the early morning my dad and I each enjoyed a cup of coffee and talked a little before he had to go to the church for the breakfast. Then I enjoyed another cup while I read a book. P.S. Why does coffee always taste better when I am not the one making it?

*The text was from my sister about a bat underneath her bed. She is renting a house my parents purchased.
**My parents hardly ever use alarms but my dad had previously overslept on a morning of the men’s breakfast so just to be sure they had set the alarm.

Day 2

Today I am thankful for the sun and how it comes through the window. One of the kids was sick today so I stayed home from church. I opened up the curtains in our room to let the sunlight in. I was able to lay where the sun was shining on my face. Little boy was laying beside me so I told him about how I have always found ways to lay in the sun coming through windows since I was a little girl. I have always loved light. In fact when the day comes for us to purchase our first home one of the most important things to me will be how many windows and where they are located. But I also had the thought (prayer?) that I want to be someone who always looks to the “Son” for comfort and warmth and I want to live my life bringing the light and hope of Jesus wherever I go.

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